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From Quote to Install, we are here to help ensure your EuroSheds experience goes smoothly.  Here, you can find all the information you need to prepare for your new EuroShed.



HIgh Gable Vs. Low GaBlE


A High Gable Shed has 82" Walls with a 5/12 pitch roof. 


A Low Gable Shed has 64" walls with a 7/12 pitch roof. 

8' Gable.png
8' Gable.png

All our shed dimensions are measured as gable width x length. 

Example:  Our 8'x12' High Gable Shed has an 8' wide gable, vs. our 12'x8' High Gable which has a 12' wide gable. 

Basic FeaTures

All our standard sheds come with (all included in the base price):

- 3’ wide single door

- 2 windows with flower boxes, and shutters if there is room

- a wood floor

- 1 stain color and shingles

- installation and delivery .  

** Base Price does not change depending on location of basic features or if you choose to not include these features. 


Additional Features

We offer many additional features to make your EuroShed unique!  Some of our popular add-ons include:

-aluminum roll-up bar window

-cedar bar top

-double doors

-insulated windows

-insulated door

-and many more!

Please contact us for a quote and we can help you design your very own EuroShed.  

12' x 8' High Gable (Nicole Turcotte) #2_edited.jpg

Site Preparation 

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure proper site preparation prior to installation of your EuroShed. 

Wood FLoor

All our sheds come with a wood floor included in the base price.

ON GRASS: For a wood floor base, we require flat, level, and settled grass that has been undisturbed for more than 2 years. The crew will place leveling blocks under the shed. 



- 0-¾” rough gravel with screening

- 4” deep and to grade level, tampered

- slightly larger than the dimensions of the shed (6'' on all sides)


20200524_123707 - Patricia Paraschak.jpg

Another foundation option is to pour a concrete pad. 


We ask that our customer’s pour the pad flat and level, 3” above grade level, and ½” x ½” smaller than the size of the shed (ex: If your shed is 10' x 10' - pour your cement 9'11½” x 9'11½”).  This is so the pine boards drape over your pad and hug the cement pad, which prevents water from seeping in.  


If the shed pad is being poured next to surrounding cement, we ask that you raise it only 1 ½” higher.  

*A no wood floor discount will be added to the quote for sheds being installed on a cement pad. 

Concrete Pad


We are located in LaSalle, Ontario.  We will deliver free of charge anywhere within a 75km radius in Ontario.   If you live outside of this area, an additional delivery charge will be applied. 


All our sheds are built in our shop, and then assembled on site.   All our sheds are built to order.  Installation usually takes 3-4 hours.   Installation cost is included in the base price of your shed.  

Please note that we will call you a week prior to your installation date to confirm your readiness for your shed.  If you are not ready, we will have to push out your date.  

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